Hi, I’m Hamb

A creative director


My Name is Jarius Hambright

I specialize in providing solutions for various business’s visual identity needs with a creative approach.
Your Brand + My Brain = Beauty


What I Offer

Creative Director

Inspiring future creative director which can hopefully lead to fashion magazines, clothing brands, and other fashion markets. Having this responsibility involves strong creative vision, the ability to come up with new ideas, solid communication skills, leadership as well as technical skills to bring ideas to life artistically.

Graphic Designer

If you need a refresher for your brand, then how about a new logo? I can create monogram logos, typography type logos, icons, clothing graphics, flyers, mixtape cover art, branding, etc.


With great passion of design and style, I am a die-hard fashion enthusiast and I can make you look and feel your best! I have the mind ,and others can concur, to tell you what would look best for your body type and you can shine for any occasion.